Potato – Potata

Mum: Boy people sure are panicking over that eboli virus.

Me: ITS EBOLA. Not ECOLI, you’re mixing ebola and ecoli. It’s EBOLAAAAAAAAH.


Oh come on!

Mum: I never thought that KFC I had last night would have been that high in calories. They only care about making money and not making people healthy.

Me: People who eat KFC don’t eat it because it’s healthy.

Mum: Its chicken!

Me: It’s DEEP fried and battered!

Mum: Well very thinly.


Omelet, Sushi, what?

Scene: Our family eats a lot of sushi for take out. In fact, its about the only take out we ever have. So we were sitting around the kitchen table eating sushi.

Mum: My friend has had a migraine headache for 11 days straight now, can you believe it? Shes taking 2 advil and 2 tylenol every 4 hours.

Me: Thats awful!

Mum: Last time she had an appointment with Doctor Sushi she-

Dad: Wait. Doctor Sushi?

*uproarious laughter*

Our doctors name is Omelchenko. Our previous doctor was Dr. Soucy (soo-see). Thus mom must have some how gotten Soucy into her head and switched it to sushi, which we  were eating. What she meant to say was OMELCHENKO!