Six of one, half a dozen of the other

Scene; Mum has recently gotten a tablet. She was messing around with it in the kitchen and I asked if there was anything she wanted to show me. I’m the only technophile in this house so when something stops working or isn’t working the way it should, guess who gets called?


Me: Was there something you wanted to show me?

Mum: Nope just reading. The bird was knocking on the window again.

Me: I want to get a picture of him doing that!

Mum: I did!

Me: I know, it was me who did it for you.

Mum: No I got more after that on my big ipod.

Me: Mum, its not an ipod.

Mum: Alright, ipad.

Me: No…

Mum: Mypad


Mum: Yes it is! Its MY pad, and yours is YOUR pad…