It is kind of a tricky word to spell

My mum recently started a shopping list and added Worcestershire sauce to it. She spelled it “Whoreshester sauce”. She put the whore in Worcestershire sauce. 😥


Dad, you’re slipping

My folks are going to see Sarah Brightman tonight *gag* and my dad looked her up online to find out what exactly type of music she sings (hippy dippy new age neoclassical garbage with a flighty faerie voice) and he found this word “ethereal wave” and he was thinking what is ethereal wave, so he clicked that link and dad says to me “In the paragraph on wikipedia on ethereal wave it mentions this other genre of music called shoe staring. I’m thinking…what is shoe staring?” I was dumbfounded, I’ve never heard of it so I looked up Sarah Brightman on my ipod in Starbucks, jumped to the page on Ethereal wave music and there in the paragraph as I’m reading it, dad says “Do you see it?” I see it alright. The word is “SHOEGAZING” not “SHOE STARING”. Well I must have laughed my arse off for a good 10 minutes over this because nothing is funnier to me than my dad mixing up shoe staring with shoe gazing! Priceless.