Oh crap!

Scene: Watching Love it or List it with mum.

TV: Having a powder room on the ground floor is non-negotiable.

Me: What the heck is a powder room?

Mum: It’s the room around the corner, with a toilet and sink only.

Me: Why don’t they call it what it is then?

Mum: Well I guess because women mostly use it to do their make up. I mean what would you like them to call it, the pooping room?


Sexual Harassment suit anyone?

Mod note: I cant believe I’ve never shared this one. This happened when Blackberry phones first came out, and they were at the height of their popularity.

Mum: What is a Blackberry?

Me: Its a cell phone.

Mum: What kind of stupid name is that? Why Blackberry? Why not Blueberry or Wiener?

Me: Oh yeah mom, Wiener would go over real well. Can you just see some guy at an office saying to his female coworker “Hey wanna see my wiener?”