To-may-to, To-mah-to

Our friend recently started making her own home made cat food and gave us a small sample to try.

Mum: She said that its not complete though, its missing an ingredient, tangerine.

Me: I think you mean taurine.


The Aristocats

My mum recently met a friend of mine and the topic fell on cats. My friends cat is a Abyssinian cat named Charlie. We have a tuxedo cat named Charlie.

Mum: What kind of cat is an Abyssinian cat?
Me: Its an Abyssinian.
Mum: Well I know THAT. I mean what kind is it?
Me: Its a pure bred…
Mum: Our Charlie is a pure bred!
Me: NO mom, he’s not. He’s-
Mum: He is too! Hes a pure bred tuxedo cat!
Me: No mom…a pure bred is like a Persian or-
Mum: Those are bred by man! Charlie is too pure bred!
Me: *facepalm*



Scene: I went downstairs to get a snack for my cat. As I get the snack, my mom who is laying on the couch is talking to me and says, “Can you set the alarm Jehovah?” I hit the floor. She had just been reading the bible so this is why she had addressed me as such.

I know Im great but thats a bit much



Mum keeps pronouncing “recyclable” as “re-sike-able”. It’s driving me nuts.


O la la!

Scene: sitting in Starbucks mum notices a sign that says “Free wifi”

Mum: What is “wee-fee”?

Me: Mum, it’s pronounced “Why-fy”.

Mod note: In France apparently it’s pronounced “wee-fee” but please not that mum and I live in a English speaking country and are not French!


Not sure if its worse than my grandma thinking her actual desktop WAS the desktop

Scene: Mum is explaining to a friend over the phone how I’ve set up her computer so its easy to use

Mum: Yeah, so she set up all my games so that they are right there on my facebook!

Me: MUM! Its your desktop! Not your facebook! You dont even have a facebook.